MBDA Assists Construction Company in Securing More Than $40 Million in Contracts

We sought the Phoenix MBDA Business Center's services and guidance to make sure that we were poised for growth by taking advantage of every program available to minority business enterprises. The Phoenix MBDA Business Center has supported our company with strong outreach efforts, and constant leads and links to projects and opportunities. Luis De La Cruz, President and CEO

Company Name: Andale Construction, Inc.    
Industry Sector: Construction – Underground Utilities   
Results of MBDA Assistance: Two Contracts totaling $72 Million & 380 Jobs Created and/or Retained    
MBDA Support: Access to Contracts Access to Markets Strategic Business Consulting 

Luis De La Cruz worked his way up in the construction industry until he knew he was ready to start his own company, Andale Construction, Inc.  In the beginning, he put in seven-day work weeks and ended the first year ahead of his financial goals.  It was that same drive to succeed that brought him to the MBDA Business Center in Phoenix when the company had been in existence less than two years.

The Phoenix MBDA Business Center helped Andale get the necessary local Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certifications. The SBA 8(a) certification came next.  

The Phoenix MBDA Business Center also met frequently with several prime companies to recommend Andale as a strong, growth-oriented company capable of supporting partnerships with their companies.  This led to a Mentor-Protégé Agreement with Sundt Construction, which enabled Andale to secure two separate and substantial contracts with the U.S. Department of Navy for $31.6 million and $39.9 million, creating 380 new jobs.  Under the partnership with Sundt, Andale is slated for additional contracts.

The company is now expanding and diversifying its portfolio of services and the Phoenix MBDA Business Center is continuing to offer support services as well as providing help in identifying new opportunities.

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