Veteran-Owned Company Sees Half a Million Dollar Revenue Increase With Help From MBDA

€œI attended the Bonding Prep class seeking information that would help my company grow. I had no idea how much it would change the outlook of my company structure.€ Kenneth McElrath, Jr., Owner

Company Name: MAC Installations & Consulting, LLC    
Industry Sector: Telecommunications & IT    
Results of MBDA Assistance: Multiple Contracts totaling $683 Thousand & 36 Jobs Created and/or Retained    
MBDA Support: Access to Contracts Access to Capital Strategic Business Consulting 

Kenneth McElrath, Jr.Kenneth McElrath, Jr., a veteran, founded MAC Installations & Consulting, LLC, in Bedford, Ohio, in 2003. He built his telecommunications and information technology company on the assumption that managing information technology is like legal advice, accounting, and graphic arts – “it is not inherently a do-it-yourself prospect.”  You need to call in an expert.

The same holds true for taking your business to the next level. Mr. McElrath turned to the MBDA Business Center in Cleveland, Ohio, for assistance in growing his company.  Through a collaborative partnership, the Cleveland MBDA Business Center provided services that included a six-week Bond Prep program, help in setting up accounting software, and pre-bid assistance which enabled MAC Installations & Consulting to secure contracts totaling more than $680,000. In addition to increasing the company’s revenue by more than half a million dollars, 36 jobs were created and/or retained.