MBDA Helps Construction Company Win $4 Million Contract and Create Jobs

I wish to express my thanks for the many services we have received from the Seattle MBDA Business Center. I am pleased to report that during the past year Farrow Concrete Specialties has grown the size of its staff.  We have increased our field staff from 24 to 97.  Additionally, we have increased our office staff from 3 to 5.€ Danny Farrow, President

A key element to our growth has been the assistance we have received from the Seattle MBDA Business Center during this period.  Also of note is the fact that we obtained two 8(a) contracts in our first year of eligibility. MBDA’s marketing assistance was instrumental in FCS receiving these awards.” Danny Farrow, President

Company Name: Farrow Construction Specialties, Inc.
Industry Sector: Concrete Contractor
Results of MBDA Assistance: $4 Million Contracts & 75 Jobs Created and/or Retained
MBDA Support: Access to Contracts, Access to Capital & Strategic Business Consulting

Danny Farrow says he first started his company “to make his father proud”.  He now enjoys “making a home for so many wonderful people.”  He came to the MBDA Business Center in Seattle seeking assistance in obtaining DBE certification and securing acceptance into the SBA 8(a) program for his company, Farrow Construction Specialties, Inc. (FCS).

Once the business was certified, the Seattle MBDA Business Center was able to promote FCS to larger prime contractors in the Pacific Northwest with an emphasis on those that were significant players in public works.  As a result, the company secured several contracts and saw its revenues increase by 184%.  The Seattle MBDA Business Center also provided advice on identifying a mentor in the SBA 8(a) mentor-protégé program. 

As Farrow’s contracts have increased in size, the Seattle MBDA Business Center has been working to assist the company in increasing both its line of credit and its bonding capacity.

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