MBDA Helps Manufacturer Secure $200 Million Contract

€œI greatly appreciate my relationship with the MBDA business development specialists in the Mobile MBDA Business Center.  Their knowledge and insight into procurement, specifically automotive, provided timely information and assistance to positively affect our bottom line. They helped us develop our proposal and present our strategy to Honda, so that Honda would understand why we deserved an opportunity to gain their business. I don't think we could have done it without them.€ Billy Vickers, President and CEO

Company Name: Gulf Shores Assemblies, LLC    
Industry Sector: Automotive    
Results of MBDA Assistance: $200 Million Contract & 51 Jobs Created and/or Retained    
MBDA Support: Access to Contracts Access to Markets Strategic Business Consulting 

Gulf Shores Assemblies, founded in 2007, is one of three certified minority-owned companies providing manufacturing and modular assembly services that make up the Modular Assembly Innovations Company.

Gulf Shores Assemblies had an existing deal to provide wheel assemblies for Honda.  However, a business consultant for the MBDA Business Center in Mobile made the company aware that Honda was adding a new line of automobiles to its production facility in Lincoln.

Mobile MBDA consultants met with owner Billy Vickers to discuss staffing for this large opportunity and tracked the progress of the bid. The MBDA staff’s extensive experience in the automotive industry gave Gulf Shores Assemblies an advantage in crafting a winning proposal for a $200 million contract that created and retained 51 jobs and gave the company a 45% increase in revenue.