There at the Beginning -- MBDA Assists General Contractor in Obtaining More Than $300 Million in Contracts and Capital Since its Inception

€œThe Washington MBDA Business Center assisted Helix Enterprises in arranging bonding as well as providing professional and legal consulting and support. We have been able to add to our existing workforce and we are very excited about an expected 60% increase in revenue in the coming year.€      Barrington Jackson, Owner

Company Name: Helix Enterprises, Inc.    
Industry Sector: General Contractor    
Results of MBDA Assistance: $87.8 Million Capital & 2 Jobs Created and/or Retained    
MBDA Support: Access to Contracts Access to Capital Strategic Business Consulting 

The MBDA Business Center in Washington, DC has been a partner with Helix Enterprises since its inception in 2006. Barrington Jackson started Helix as a general contracting services company, and during the first five years the Washington MBDA assisted Helix in obtaining more than $200 million in financing and over $100 million in contract awards.

In addition to helping the company win contracts with various federal agencies, the center has also helped Helix secure the bonding necessary for federal government and private sector contracts. With support from the Washington MBDA, Helix Enterprises was able to secure $87.8 million in financing in 2011 and has more than $50 million in contract awards that are currently in the pipeline.