DCD Construction Experiences Exponential Growth after One Year as MBDA Client!


Monday, November 4, 2013

At the age of 21, Elliott Davis set out to launch a successful business...mission accomplished!  Having learned the construction industry from his father, Mr. Davis founded DCD Construction in 1998 and within eight years of operation grew the business to $1 million in annual revenue. By 2012, DCD was landing contracts up to $3 million, respectable earnings by any standards, but nothing compared to what he would achieve after becoming a client of the Mobile MBDA Business Center.

Within one year of becoming a client, DCD Construction (under a joint venture with Yates Construction) secured a $41 million contract with the Army Corps of Engineers. What happened during that year? The Mobile MBDA Business Center provided business planning, procurement strategy, and marketing guidance from construction expert, Lloyd Hughes and project director, Pamela Ramos.

MBDA provided consulting services with the goal of positioning the firm for continued growth beyond its 8(a) eligibility, which ends in two years. With a strategy in place, partnerships with other firms became the tactical maneuver that would put DCD on the map and keep them there. Beginning with a mentor/protégé agreement with a major construction firm in the southeast; followed by expansion into the Mobile, AL market (from Ocean Springs, MS); and ending with a joint venture with Yates Construction and $51% of the deal, DCD Construction is well positioned for continued growth.

In the past year, DCD has hired 40 new employees (15 full time and 25 part-time). The Mobile MBDA Business Center is helping the firm compete on three additional construction projects as a sub-contractor, and expects DCD be a prime contractor within two years.

“The Mobile MBDA Business Center has been very instrumental in helping me build my business in the areas I needed to grow. I’m very happy to be one of their clients and look forward to even more success with their business guidance.”

Elliott Davis, Principal and Owner

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