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Success Story: Wells Technology


Andy Wells

With a $1,300 investment, Andy Wells started Wells Technology as a small consulting business skilled at solving design, production, and distribution problems. Through continual growth in capabilities and a foundation in innovation, Wells Technology has grown to provide a wide range of precision machined products along with the sales of industrial and construction supplies as an authorized distribution channel for the Fastenal company.

Today, Wells Technology boasts a 50,000 square foot facility, two employee locations in Minnesota and manufacturing customers range from Fastenal to General Dynamics to General Mills to BAE Systems to 3-M to Kraft Foods. The company also holds many patents including “Vac-Lock” for sealing air within a computer for use in NASA space satellites, and “Airsnip” and “Airblade”, ergonomic air-powered tools for reducing carpal tunnel injury.  

Andy Wells Patents

Andy Wells, originally from the Red Lake Indian Reservation and is a registered member of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians tribe, was able to tap several federal programs targeting minorities including the Historical Underutilized Business Zone designation, where large government contractors are required to provide a percentage of their contracts to small businesses in impoverished HUB zones. As the company continued to prosper, Wells kept his Native American Indian heritage as the foundation of the company and is reflected in the fact that 30% of the staff is Native American.

To learn more about Wells Technology, please visit the company website at  https://www.wellstech.com