Kenneth McElrath, Jr., a veteran, founded MAC Installations & Consulting, LLC, in Bedford, Ohio, in 2003. He built his telecommunications and information technology company on the assumption that managing information technology is like legal advice, accounting, and graphic arts – “it is not inherently a do-it-yourself prospect.” You need to call in an expert.


If attendees at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte needed a courier, there’s a good chance they used Metro Transportation Services, LLC. Thanks to help from the MBDA Business Center in Raleigh , North Carolina, the full services transportation company owned by Joseph and Veronica Greene secured a contract to provide sole source courier services to the Convention.


A large portion of MBDA's work involves partnering with minority business owners and those who serve them—state and local governments, civic organizations, professional associations, and more. We help facilitate contracts and capital in a wide range of industry sectors. » MBDA Grows Businesses through Exports In fiscal year 2014, MBDA client contracts increased 48% to $4.8 billion,...


Life in the Big Easy has improved greatly for Marseyas S. Fernandez. His integrated digital solutions company, MSF Global Solutions, survived Hurricane Katrina and is rapidly growing to move beyond a regional focus to a global one. A native of New Orleans, Fernandez is the founder of the company which specializes in Geospatial Information Services (GIS) and Information Technology development,...