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Heartwood Pacific's Federal Contracting Program Grows Exponentially

Heartwood Pacific, LLC, a general contracting firm, has worked on federal construction projects throughout Hawaii, as well as on the U.S. mainland for a decade. However, when they decided to partner with the Honolulu MBDA Business Center, the firm experienced tremendous growth in capacity and federal contract opportunities.

The MBDA worked with Heartwood Pacific to grow its bonding capacity to $15 million for single projects and up to $25 million in aggregate, increasing their ability to win larger contracts, and creating more jobs. Heartwood has been responsible for a number of federal projects including two at Volcano National Park.

"Since 2006, we have worked with the MBDA to assist us with our federal contracting program. Their support and confidence that Heartwood could be a successful federal contractor led us to submit our first federal competitive proposal. Since that time, we have completed over 40 federal projects with the MBDA's assistance," said F. Michael Singer, Managing Member.



Minority Business Community At-A-GlanceA
Business Owner Number of Firms Gross Receipts ($1000s) Average Gross Receipts Paid Employees
African American  1,067 $325,005 $304,597 2,022
American Indian & Alaska Native  1,548 317,548 205,134 1,301
Asian American  56,872 18,154,362 319,214 111,924
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander  11,403 2,378,963 208,626 16,197
Hispanic American  4,374 671,678 153,561 3,977
All Minority  68,542 20,634,544 301,050 127,948
 Private Sector Federal Government State Government Local Government Not Disclosed Total
Dollar Value of Contracts  $11,311,852 $10,397,222 $440,763 –  $12,900 $22,162,738
Dollar Value of Capital  39,885,000 –  –  –  –  $39,885,000
Number of Contracts  127 46 4 –  1 178
Number of Capital Transactions  61 –  –  –  –  61
TOTAL TRANSACTIONS  188 46 4 –  1 239
  Number of Transactions Value of Transactions
Construction  239 $62,047,738


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