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MBDA Helps Bridgewater Interiors Access Honda Manufacturing Supply Chain

Founded in 1998, Bridgewater Interiors LLC, is an automotive manufacturer of quality seats and interior trim, and one of the largest minority-owned manufacturers in the country.

Bridgewater approached the Mobile MBDA Business Center seeking an introduction to Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA). The business consultant team of the Center leveraged extensive private sector relationships, and not only made key introductions, but assisted in the bid preparation, facilitation of meetings, and overall tracking of the bid process. As a result, Bridgewater was awarded a $260 million contract with HMA, creating 87 new jobs and 275 jobs retained.

"We've used this opportunity to become more fully engaged in managing the HMA programs and enhancing our relationship with Honda representatives. We thank the MBDA Business Center for all they have done and for their ongoing support of our company," said Ronald E. Hall, President.

AL Jobs

AL Performance

Minority Business Community At-A-GlanceA
Business Owner Number of Firms Gross Receipts ($1000s) Average Gross Receipts Paid Employees
African American  56,712 $2,152,418 $37,953 16,724
American Indian & Alaska Native  3,068 650,084 211,892 5,254
Asian American  6,908 2,620,074 379,281 17,993
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander  254 87,556 344,709 100,249
Hispanic American  4,439 1,020,042 229,791 7,346
All Minority  70,538 6,543,945 92,772 46,666


 Private Sector Federal Government State Government Local Government Not Disclosed Total
Dollar Value of Contracts  $411,181,559 $21,098,190 –  $1,036,900 –  $433,316,649
Dollar Value of Capital  1,035,000 –  –  –  –  $1,035,000
Number of Contracts  4 1 –  1 –  6
Number of Capital Transactions  2 –  –  –  –  2


  Number of Transactions Value of Transactions
Construction  5 $24,316,649
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate   1 35,000
Manufacturing  2 410,000,000


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