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All American Embroidery Expands and Adapts with MBDA Assistance

Sandeep Narang, Founder and CEO of All American Embroidery (AAE) established his business in 1998. AAE provides clients with custom embroidery and screen printing services. It also specializes in promotional items and team wear. The start of the recession took its toll on AAE indirectly at first, but when some of its major clients began declaring bankruptcy; AAE had to look for alternative ways to preserve profits.

With the help of the Detroit MBDA Business Center, AAE has not only been able to adapt to precarious economic conditions, it has expanded and evolved. In consultation with MBDA, the company's transformation resulted in a contract award of $4 million and the creation of 7 new jobs.

Minority Business Community At-A-GlanceA
Business Owner Number of Firms Gross Receipts ($1000s) Average Gross Receipts Paid Employees
African American  72,554 $4,694,384 $64,702 30,874
American Indian & Alaska Native  6,079 754,576 124,128 5,160
Asian American  21,589 7,740,865 358,556 66,293
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander  487 281,022 577,047 1,046
Hispanic American  10,770 3,876,360 359,922 18,508
All Minority  108,932 17,485,956 160,522 122,413
 Private Sector Federal Government State Government Local Government Not Disclosed Total
Dollar Value of Contracts  $120,454,305 –  –  –  –  $120,454,305
Dollar Value of Capital  13,900,000 –  –  –  –  $13,900,000
Number of Contracts  10 –  –  –  –  10
Number of Capital Transactions  1 –  –  –  –  1
TOTAL TRANSACTIONS  11 –  –  –  –  11
  Number of Transactions Value of Transactions
Manufacturing  3 $110,000,000
Services 3 17,921,600
Transportation, Warehousing & Public Utilities 5 6,432,705


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