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Minority Business are More Likely to Export

Exporting is good for American business, good for American workers and good for American jobs. Nearly Ninety-six percent (96%) of the world’s customers lie outside the United States and Minority Business Development Agency is committed to working with U.S. companies to help American-made goods and services succeed in the global market.

Minority businesses have a competitive advantage in global trade based on their cultural ties, language skills and nimbleness. Today, the importance of minority-owned businesses as a key component of U.S. international trade has never been greater.  Learn More.


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Country Insight

Focused on emerging markets and countries with trade agreements, MBDA is currently targeting eleven markets:

Target Countries

Use the map to find out more about each countries' economy and market condition and access business insight reports or the list below.

Australia  |  Brazil China  |  Colombia  |  Gabon  |  India  |  Mexico  |  South Africa  |  South Korea  |  Turkey  |  Zambia


ColombiaBrazilSouth AfricaZambiaGabonAustraliaIndiaTurkeySouth KoreaChina


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