Office of Native American Business Development (ONABD)

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Office of Native American Business DevelopmentThe activities of the Office of Native American Business Development (ONABD) include the provision of direct services to American Indian and Alaska Natives, fostering of intergovernmental and industry collaboration, and promotion of economic and business development opportunities in Indian Country.  Community outreach has been a critical component of the ONABD’s work resulting in valuable insight and identification of economic development challenges.

  • Coordination and promotion of all Department of Commerce economic development initiatives with Indian Country;
  • Coordination of the Tribal Consultation Policy development and implementation across Commerce and in conjunction with tribal leaders;

  • Serve as Tribal liaison on behalf of the Secretary and the various bureaus within Commerce;

  • Serve as Intergovernmental Indian Country representative for Commerce working with the White House and other agencies on Indian Country initiatives and issues.

"History has shown that failure to include the voices of tribal officials in formulating policy affecting their communities has all too often led to undesirable and, at times, devastating and tragic results. By contrast, meaningful dialogue between Federal officials and tribal officials has greatly improved Federal policy toward Indian tribes. Consultation is a critical ingredient of a sound and productive Federal-tribal relationship."
President Barack Obama
Presidential Memorandum, Nov. 5, 2009

Missions Include:

  • Tribal Liaison—coordinating and communicating all Native American / Indian Country issues directly with Tribes and across all the bureaus within Commerce as well as externally with all other federal agencies;

  • Tribal Consultation Policy—coordinating and implementing Commerce’s Tribal Consultation Policy Plan and consultation sessions. Serves as the primary contact for all Tribal Consultation actions and issues;
    Department of Commerce Tribal Consultation Policy Plan

  • Economic Development—serves as the facilitator of the Office of Native American Business Development by assisting and consulting with Indian Country in leveraging the combined efforts of the federal programs, tribal governments, private sector businesses and financing in order to promote economic growth for Tribes and Native Americans.

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