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President’s Advisory Commission on AAPIs


About the President’s Advisory Commission on AAPIs

The Commission provides advice to the President, through the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Transportation, who serve as Co-Chairs of the Initiative.  Together with the Initiative, the Commission works to broaden access by AAPI employers and communities to economic resources and opportunities.  Additionally, the Commission works to advance relevant evidence-based research, data collection, and analysis for AAPI populations, subpopulations, and businesses.



·  Dr. Paul S. Hsu of Florida, Chair of the Commission

·  Congresswoman Amata C. Radewagen of American Samoa

·  Ms. Helen Van Etten of Kansas

·  Rev. Herman Martir of Texas

·  Governor Eddie Calvo of Guam

·  Ms. Doris Flores Brooks of Guam

·  Ms. Grace Y. Lee of Michigan

·  Mr. Prem Parameswaran of New York

·  Supervisor Michelle P. Steel of California

·  Ms. Chiling Tong of Maryland

·  Ms. Jennifer Carnahan of Minnesota

·  Mr. George Leing of Florida

·  Ms. Jan-Ie Low of Nevada

·  Ms. Keiko Orrall of Massachusetts