Who We Are?

Stimulating minority entrepreneurship and business ownership is in the strategic interest of the United States, particularly during economically challenging times. Evidence abounds that investments in minority business entrepreneurs can produce measurable results.

We are committed to ensuring that the U.S. minority business enterprise community will be the source of our economic recovery efforts and a competitive advantage in the 21st century worldwide economy. Our network of leaders, are committed to helping others exceed their own expectations.

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Edith McCloud Edith Jett McCloud
Acting National Director
 Efrain Gonzalez, Jr. Efrain Gonzalez, Jr.
Associate Director for Business Development
Roberto Lopez Roberto Lopez
Chief Administrative Officer
Josephine Arnold Josephine Scarlett Arnold, Esq.
Chief Counsel
Ron Marin Ron J. Marin
Chief Financial Officer,
Office of Financial Management, Performance, and Program Evaluation
Joann Johnson Hill Joann J. Hill
Chief of the Office of Business Development
Bridget Gonzales Bridget Gonzales
Chief of the Office of Legislative, Education & Intergovernmental Affairs
Nakita Chambers Nakita Chambers
Supervisory Program Manager
Office of Business Development
Velicia D. Woods Velicia D. Woods
Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist
Office of Legislative, Education, and
 Intergovernmental Affairs

Published on: 19/04/2017

Who is MBDA?

Who is MBDA?