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Edith Jett McCloud

Edith Jett McCloud

On September 27, 1999, Ms. McCloud became the first career Senior Executive Service manager to serve at MBDA in over 10 years.  In her position as Associate Director for Management, Ms. McCloud serves as the principal advisor to the MBDA Director and Deputy Director on management policy and practices and as liaison and coordinator of the various administrative functions of the Agency.  The programs and activities under her control have a major impact on the overall operations of the Agency and its mission of fostering the growth and development of the Nation's minority-owned businesses. 

Ms. McCloud brings to her position an extensive background in management policy coordination, program planning, and evaluation, management analysis and review, budget, and fiscal management and information resources management.  She is responsible for developing the requirements for MBDA and for compliance under the Government Performance and Results Act; the Chief Financial Officers Act; the Information Technology Management Reform Act; the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act and the Freedom of Information Act. 

Ms. McCloud directs the daily operations of three offices at MBDA, including (1)  The Office of Administration and Financial Management, which performs activities relating to improving organization structure, productivity, and all personnel matters and correspondence management; (2) The Office of Information Technology Services, which develops policies and directs the design, procurement and implementation of information technology-related resources and (3) The Office of Program Support, which conducts both contract procurement for goods, services and supplies, as well as programmatic awards through grants and cooperative agreements for MBDA's nationwide network of funded organizations.

Prior to her MBDA appointment, Ms. McCloud served for nearly two years as Executive Director, Howard University Small Business Development Center in Washington, D.C., and as Interim General Manager at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center, where, for over 15 years, she held several senior management positions.

Ms. McCloud is a member of several professional boards, including the International Association of Assembly Managers, the American Society of Association Executives, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and the National Black MBA Association.  She has been published in The Black Convention, Dollars and Sense, and Facility Manager.  Ms. McCloud is a BA and MBA graduate of Howard University and currently resides in Bowie, Maryland.