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2020 MED Week Awards

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2020 MED Week Awards

In the unprecedented times our nation is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minority Business Development Agency will continue the tradition of commemorating  the 2020 National MED Week, in a series of VIRTUAL EVENTS

Since 1969, the U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) has been instrumental in fostering the growth and global competitiveness of the Nation’s minority-owned businesses. From an estimated 300,000 minority-owned firms in 1969 to more than eleven million today, MBDA has led the way in gaining public recognition of the achievements and economic contributions of minority-owned firms.    

The MBDA National Minority Enterprise Development Week Awards are the highest level of national recognition that a U.S. minority-owned firm can receive by the U.S. Department of Commerce. These prestigious awards, bestowed during National Minority Enterprise Development Week (MED Week), celebrate the outstanding achievements of minority entrepreneurs, as well as the individuals and organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to advancing minority business enterprises


• Minority Construction Firm of the Year
• Minority Export Firm of the Year
• Minority Manufacturing Firm of the Year
• Minority Health Products and Services Firm of the Year
• Minority Innovative Technology Firm of the Year
• Minority Marketing and Communications Firm of the Year
• Minority Professional Services Firm of the Year
• Minority Veteran-Owned Firm of the Year
• Robert J. Brown Minority Enterprise of the Year

• Access to Capital Award
• Advocate of the Year
• Distinguished Supplier Diversity Award

• Abe Venable Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement
• Ronald H. Brown Leadership Award


We recognize that minority communities and businesses have been particularly hurt and continue to face enormous challenges due to COVID-19.  This year, in particular, MBDA would like to highlight businesses that have developed and implemented innovative solutions that promote business continuity and the ability to thrive through the challenges. We look forward to acknowledging, recognizing and encouraging the well-deserved accomplishments and ingenuity being demonstrated in the minority business community at this critical time.

Questions? Please contact:
Antavia Grimsley
MBDA National MED Week Program Coordinator

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