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Repository of publications and reports on programs, technologies and compiled statistical data useful to MBE's. Quick and easy links to the latest business data on racial and ethnic populations in the United States.

Impact of Minority-owned Businesses on the U.S. Economy

Consistent with Executive Order 11625 and for over 50 years, MBDA has collected, commissioned, and disseminated research findings to assist individuals and organizations throughout the Nation to foster the establishment and successful operation of minority business enterprise. This repository of evidence-based publications and reports continues that tradition and focuses on supporting the growth and competitiveness of minority business enterprises. The repository is separated into categories to facilitate easier access to MBDA originated and external publication and reports.


PUBLISHED ON: /September 2021 | The Contribution of Minority Business Enterprises to the US Economy

PUBLISHED ON: /May 2021 | Tribal Colleges and Universities - Reservation Entrepreneurship and Business Development

PUBLISHED ON: /April 2021 | Small Business Credit Survey - 2021 Report on Firms Owned by People of Color

PUBLISHED ON: /July 2020 | The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Owners: The First Three Months After Social-Distancing Restrictions