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Financial Resources

From vision to victory. Fueling your path to financial success

Financial Resources

  • Grants

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    Discover our grants supporting business centers, offering consulting, procurement matching, and financial aid to minority-owned firms.

  • Loans

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    Get comprehensive information on how to apply for loans, covering everything from application forms to financial statements.

Access to Capital: Innovative Finance Projects

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Access unique financial support that overcomes traditional barriers through innovative funding methods.
Reach out to MBDA grantees such as Georgia Tech Research Corporation and William Marsh Rice University for customized assistance in collaboration, aerospace innovation, and business expansion.

  • Georgia Tech Research Corporation


    Project Name: MBDA Inner City Innovation Hub – Southeast MBDA Business Growth Hub

    The Southeast MBDA Business Growth Hub is a pilot project that strives to blend the networks and innovation spaces, that support Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) in eight southeastern states. It will weave a strong, intercommunity fabric of business support organizations, incubators and accelerators, state and federal organizations, corporate partners, universities, investors and other ecosystem partners to create a regional business growth hub.

    Project Director: Jennifer Pasley
    [email protected]


    ​​​​​​926 Dalney Street NW
    Atlanta, GA 30318

  • William Marsh Rice University


    Project Name: Aerospace Innovation Hub (ASCI Hub)

    William Marsh Rice University to develop the Aerospace Innovation Hub (ASCI-Hub) designed to engage, support, develop, and scale regional minority business enterprises that address needs, problems, and challenges in the aerospace industry.

    Project Director: Paul Cherukuri
    [email protected]


    6100 Main Street
    Houston, TX