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About MBDA

The Minority Business Development Agency’s (MBDA) mission is to promote the growth and global competitiveness of Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) in order to unlock the country’s full economic potential.


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The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Aids in the Advancement of Women in Construction

Indeed Construction Clean-up, Pasadena

Women represent a small percentage of the construction industry, making up around 10.9 percent of the construction workforce in 2020, according to the United States (U.S.) Bureau of Labor Statistics. Traditionally seen as a male dominated field, women and nonbinary individuals in construction face several challenges, including gender discrimination, lack of representation, limited advancement opportunities, and safety concerns to name a few. Despite these challenges, Jacqueline Enriquez, President of Indeed Construction Clean-up, has partnered with the Los Angeles MBDA Business Center to break down barriers to success and advance the role of women in construction. This collaboration resulted in a $1.7 million contract with AECOM/Turner Construction.

Based in Pasadena, California, Indeed Construction Clean-up offers specialized cleaning services that focus on removing debris, dust, and waste materials from construction or renovation sites. A niche segment, the importance of these services cannot be overstated because construction sites can quickly become messy and hazardous environments if not properly cleaned and maintained.

In 2022, Jacqueline Enriquez met Andrew Barrera, Procurement Relationship Manager for the Los Angeles MBDA Business Center at a local business mentoring event. At the time, she was proactively seeking new opportunities to expand her business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Enriquez became a client of the MBDA and began working with Barrera to pursue larger and more lucrative contracts. “I want to thank the MBDA for all the guidance that has been provided. My experience has been an incredible journey. Not only have they provided all the information needed to keep escalating my business, but I have gained a mentor. Andrew Barrera thank you for your mentorship and guidance, you believe in me and my vision for Indeed Construction Clean-up,” said Enriquez.

Barerra helped Enriquez to position her company based on excellent execution of the range of services she provides, including time and cost savings, thorough cleaning, improving safety, enhancing efficiency, along with preserving equipment and materials. “Based on my professional experience I bring a buyer’s perspective to my role,” said Barrera. “Going beyond their status as minority business enterprises or MBEs, I help our clients to identify and better align their services to the unique needs of their customers.”

Together, Barrera and Enriquez leveraged Indeed Construction Clean-up’s reputation for superior work with MBDA’s contacts and relationships to connect with decision makers at major contractors like AECOM and Turner Construction. In 2023, this close collaboration resulted in AECOM/Turner Construction awarding Indeed Construction Clean-up a $1.7 million contract to perform clean-up related services for the duration of the Intuit Dome construction project. The new home for the LA Clippers, Intuit Dome is scheduled to open for the 2024-25 National Basketball Association season.

“Working with Indeed Construction Clean-up has been a pleasure,” said Barrera. “By her very presence, Jacqueline Enriquez is changing the construction industry for the better.” For more information or to contact your local MBDA Business Center, please visit our website at MBDA.gov. [hyperlink to https://www.mbda.gov/mbda-programs/business-centers]

“Working with Indeed Construction Clean-up has been a pleasure; by her very presence, Jacqueline Enriquez is changing the construction industry for the better.”

Andrew Barrera
Procurement Relationship Manager for Los Angeles MBDA Business Center

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