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California Availability and Disparity Study Report 2021

August 2021

Published by California Department of Transportation, Prepared by BBC Research & Consulting

The study team conducted an analysis of regulations, case law, and other information to guide the methodology for the disparity study, which included a review of legal requirements related to minority and woman‐owned business programs (M/WBE), and specifically, the Federal DBE Program. This included the quantitative analyses of outcomes for minorities, women, and M/WBEs throughout California, the collection of anecdotal evidence about potential barriers individuals and businesses face, the estimation of the percentage of Caltrans transportation‐related contract and procurement dollars M/WBEs were available to perform, analysis of the dollars Caltrans and subrecipient local agencies awarded to M/WBEs on transportation‐related construction and professional services contracts and procurements, and the examination of whether there were any disparities between the participation and availability of M/WBEs on transportation‐related construction and professional services contracts. All minority groups showed substantial disparities in all Caltrans and sub-recipient local agency contracts considered together: Asian Pacific American‐owned businesses (disparity index of 60), Black American‐owned businesses (disparity index of 50), Hispanic American‐ owned businesses (disparity index of 55), Native American‐owned businesses (disparity Index of 73), and Subcontinent Asian American‐owned businesses (disparity index of 70).