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Connecticut Disparity Study: Phase 2

June 2014

Published by Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering for the Connecticut General Assembly and the Government Administration and Elections Commission

A disparity study of Connecticut's Small and Minority Business Enterprise Set-Aside Program was conducted. In Phase 2 the study reviewed Diversity Data Management System Specification and Review Agency Procedures; Practices Related to System Implementation; Best Practices Review and Analysis; and Establishing MBE/WBE Program Requirements. The study concluded that Connecticut can be a national leader as an advocate for MBE and WBE business opportunities by considering the implementation of a series of actions: Adopt an organizational structure with a focal point for the MBE and WBE Program; Enact legislative initiatives for the near term that separate the MBE and WBE Program from the state’s SBE Set-Aside Program; Implement administrative changes to provide greater transparency and consistency within goal-setting and monitoring processes; Collect comprehensive data about contracts and all payments made to contractors, whether prime or subcontractors, across agencies and branches of government; Increase the use of race-neutral measures to expand the number of businesses that participate in government contracting; and Consider the federal DBE regulations as guidance for implementation and administration of the MBE and WBE Program. Based on the results of periodic statistical analyses, if a statistically significant disparity resulting from discrimination exists, then a legislatively mandated MBE and WBE Program should be continued.