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Find New Opportunities with Federal Grants


  1. Financial Resources

How can federal grants help your business?

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The federal government doesn't give out free money to start or grow a business. However, Grants.gov is a useful resource where you can find and apply for various federal grant programs, totaling around $500 billion per year. Grants.gov doesn't offer personal financial assistance, it connects businesses to funding opportunities for projects that support government initiatives. 

Additionally, MBDA helps organizations run Minority Business Centers across the country, providing services like business advice, help finding contracts, and financial support to minority-owned businesses

How to Apply for an MBDA Grant


Register your business to apply for a MBDA grant

To register your business to obtain a Unique Entity ID number so that your application can be tracked. Next register with SAM. To do this, you will need the authorizing official for your organization, and an Employer Identification Number. These two numbers are needed to create a Grants.gov account.


Understand the Grant Announcement

Visit the specific grant page on MBDA.gov to learn more about the program and find frequently asked questions. Then, locate and download the grant application package from Grants.gov. Please review the YouTube video: Making a Reasonable, Allocable, and Allowable Budget for a Federal Grant.


Attend a pre-application teleconference to learn more about the grant and requirements

All pre-application teleconference presentations are also available on the specific grant webpage at mbda.gov for future reference. Please review the YouTube video: Grants Process Overview.


Understand the evaluation process

Thoroughly read the announcement, paying special attention to key sections of the announcement. Check your eligibility in Section C, finds the deadline and requirements in Section D, and learn about the selection process in Section E. When complete draft your application and make sure that you address all requirements outlined in the announcement. Please review the YouTube video: Ingredients for a Great Budget.


Prepare and Submit Application

When application is complete, log onto Grants.gov and submit application. Application MUST be submitted before deadline. After submission, print confirmation of submission.

MBDA Grantees: Pilot Programs & Projects

  • Project Director: T. Nichole Phillips Shaw is developing six classes and expanding its entrepreneurship curricula creating a seminar series, distinguished entrepreneur series, experiential activities (micro internships), and a business incubator....
  • Operator Name: Donald Andrews Southern University operates an entrepreneurship institute for developing an entrepreneurship curriculum focused on innovation, technology and leadership education through academic courses, workshops, conferences, and electronic media....
  • Project Director: Dr. Asif Ashiqali St. Augustine is enhancing its existing small business program and create an entrepreneurship/business leadership concentration in the undergraduate business program....
  • The Dannon Project will advance their FLEE program-Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Education- to offer entrepreneurial programs and business coaching as a pathway to successful community reentry....
  • The MBE Equity Multiplier project will work with businesses at their current stage to navigate the equity investment process and ecosystem to increase access to equity and venture investment and investors. The equity project’s services include developing investment packages, reviewing financial reports, preparing pitch decks, advising businesses about the investment cycle, and facilitating connections with investors....
  • Project Director: Sandra R. Pedraza Sagrado is creating five mentorship hubs composed of a specialized industry module as well as expand the technical support services and training for entrepreneurship....
  • The Washington Area Community Investment Fund (Wacif) offers robust business services—including financial capital, business advisory services, one-on-one and group technical assistance, and networking support - supporting the growth and resiliency of women of color entrepreneurs in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia Region....
  • William Marsh Rice University to develop the Aerospace Innovation Hub (ASCI-Hub) designed to engage, support, develop, and scale regional minority business enterprises that address needs, problems, and challenges in the aerospace industry....
  • Women’s Business Enterprise Council South to establish cutting-edge trainings, access to capital assistance, networking, and procurement opportunities especially for minority women-owned business enterprises....
  • Young Women's Christian Association of Oahu will offer one-on-one business counseling, innovative workshops, and minority certification training offered in safe, nurturing, and empowering environments....
  • Capital Readiness Program

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    Discover our program offering technical assistance to support growth and scalability of minority and underserved entrepreneurs.

  • Loans

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    Get comprehensive information on how to apply for loans, covering everything from application forms to financial statements.