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  1. Med Week 2023

MED Week 2023


MED Week 2023

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2023 National Minority Enterprise Development Week

MED Week 2023The Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week 2023, commemorated its 40th anniversary as a significant event in the calendar of the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). This annual celebration is a hallmark of commitment and recognition towards minority-owned businesses in the United States. Throughout the event, the MED Week Awards were presented, highlighting the exceptional achievements and resilience of minority entrepreneurs across various sectors. From Reytec Construction Resources, celebrated as the Minority Construction Firm of the Year, to Combustion Associates, Inc., honored as the Minority Export Firm of the Year, the diversity and innovation within the minority business community were prominently showcased. The event also acknowledged individuals and organizations, such as Cuong Quy Huynh of Rende Progress Capital and Arian Simon of Fearless Fund, for their outstanding support and advocacy for minority businesses.

MED Week 2023

As MED Week 2023 concluded, it left a lasting impression of the critical role minority businesses play in the economic fabric of the nation. These enterprises, as significant contributors to the nation's economy, exemplify the spirit of innovation and resilience in the face of challenges, including those exacerbated by recent global events. The recognition and support provided by events like MED Week are essential in bolstering the growth and sustainability of these businesses.


MED Week 2023This year's MED Week also coincided with a Presidential Proclamation, underscoring the administration's commitment to advancing racial equity and supporting minority-owned businesses. The proclamation, while a brief mention in the larger scope of MED Week, provided important contextual data on the challenges and contributions of minority enterprises, aligning with the MBDA's mission to promote the growth and global competitiveness of these businesses. As the week concluded, it reinforced the importance of continued advocacy, support, and recognition for the minority business community, ensuring their integral role in the nation's economic success. For more details on the Presidential Proclamation and its alignment with MED Week's objectives, the full text can be accessed through the MBDA's resources.





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