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The 2022 Minority Enterprise Development Week, hosted by the Minority Business Development Agency, is one of the foremost annual gatherings and celebrations of the minority business community. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and stakeholders from throughout the country joined together to engage with the community and learn about current industry trends, key resources, and tools to grow and improve their business. The 2022 National MED Week theme, “Power in Capital, Strength in Equity” highlights MBDA’s and the Biden Administration’s mission to break down the minority business community’s greatest barrier: access to capital, contracts, and markets.

Power In Capital

Day one of the 2022 MED Week Conference, “Power in Capital” featured programming focused on the key priority for advancing minority businesses: access to capi\tal. MED Week participants and speakers, including MBDA Under Secretary Don Cravins Jr., Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Don Graves, and some of the country’s brightest entrepreneurial minds highlighted how equitable economic access will empower minority entrepreneurs and businesses and, ultimately, create a stronger economy for all Americans.

Strength In Equity

Day two of the 2022 MED Week Conference, “Strength in Equity” featured programming highlighting challenges and solutions to expanding access to contract and procurement opportunities for minority-owned businesses. Participants, including Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, highlighted the Biden Administration’s equity in procurement initiatives to ensure all businesses are able to participate in the historic investments being delivered to the American people through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act.

MED Week Awards

MBDA presented the 2022 MED Week Awards to 15 outstanding minority-owned firms and individuals for their exceptional business achievements and commitment to the advancement of the minority business community. The MED Week Awards are the highest national recognition a minority-owned firm can receive from the U.S. Department of Commerce.