Hannover Messe: Space is Filling Up - Reserve Your Spot Today


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Created on February 19, 2016

USA Partner Country status at Hannover Messe is an unparalleled opportunity for U.S. companies, research institutions, and economic development organizations to connect to the global industrial tech market.

Join President Obama, Commerce Secretary Pritzker, and global business leaders at Hannover Messe to connect to your next potential customers, partners, and buyers!

Secure your spot by Feb. 26! 

Start your registration process now to ensure you can reserve space in the U.S. Pavilions.

USA Partner Country: More Opportunity for Your Company

Value-Added Services from the U.S. Commercial Service will make your company or organization stand out:

  • Executive Market Counselingwill help you tap your target markets.

  • International Partner Promotion will highlight your company or organization to thousands of foreign attendees.

  • Technology Cooperation Days will enable technology transfer among institutions at the show. 

  • Partner Country status and President Obama's attendance ensure maximum exposure for U.S. exhibitors!

If you've ever thought about attending Hannover Messe, this is the year to do it, and now is the time!

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