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2018 Ronald H. Brown Leadership Award

The Ronald H. Brown Leadership Award is presented to Margo K. Cargill, founder and CEO of Titanium Linx Consulting Inc., and president of the Uniondale New York Chamber of Commerce. With more than 22 years of combined experience in senior project management, marketing research, and strategic communications, Ms. Cargill is best described as a partnership architect with the proven ability of bringing together stakeholders with varied interest and developing strategies for them to work together for the common good.

Specializing in public-private partnerships, she discerns a project’s social, economic, and environmental impact and ensures they are highly scrutinized by facilitating total stakeholder engagement.  Among Ms. Cargill’s many accomplishments in support of minority communities and entrepreneurs, she is solely responsible for the revitalization of the Uniondale Chamber of Commerce.

Coining the phrase "A Global Community for a Global Economy" to describe Uniondale, her leadership and partnership methodology helped to reunite a divided community by engaging its business and professional entities to become one of the most influential organizations in Nassau County.