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Past Directors

In the nearly 50 year history of the Minority Business Development Agency we have had several Directors. Take a look at our previous leadership.

Thomas Roesner Thomas Roesner
Abe Venable Abraham Venable
John Jenkins John Jenkins
Alex Armendaris Alex Armendaris
Randolph Blackwell Randolph Blackwell
Daniel Henson Daniel Henson
Victor Rivera Victor Rivera
James Richardson James Richardson
Kenneth Bolton Kenneth Bolton
Joe Lira Joe Lira
Michael Rogers Michael Rogers
Joan Parrot-Fonseca Joan Parrot-Fonseca
Courtland Cox Courtland Cox
Ronald Langston Ronald Langston
David Hinso

David A. Hinson

Alejandra Y. Castillo

Alejandra Y. Castillo

Mr. Henry Childs, II, MBDA National Director

Henry Childs II

David Byrd

David J. Byrd