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  1. State Offices Minority And Women Business Enterprises

State Offices for Minority and Women Business Enterprises

State agencies provides technical and financial assistance to minority business enterprise so that they can compete more successfully for federal, state, local government and commercial contracts. State agencies also serve as advocates for minority business enterprise to enhance economic development. Certification opens the door to targeted government contracting opportunities. Learn how to become a certified minority business enterprise.

Explore the local resources below:

Department of Economic and Community Affairs
Office of Minority Business Enterprise
Clarence Mann - (334) 353 5680

Department of General Services (SB/DVBE Only)
Business Development Program
Tanya Little – (916) 375-4936

Department of Administrative Services
Supplier Diversity Program
Meg Yetishefsky - (860) 713 5228

Office of Supplier Diversity
Office of Supplier Diversity
Michelle N. Morin - (302) 857 4554

Department of Service Management
Office of Supplier Diversity
Thad Fortune - (850) 487 9863

Department of Transportation
Business Enterprise Program
Frank McNeil - (312) 814 4190

Department of Administration
Minority Business Development Program
Felicia Roseburgh - (317) 232 3061

Department of Inspections and Appeals
Targeted Small Business Certification Program
Mann Montgomery - (515) 281 5796

Department of Commerce
Women's and Minority Business Development
Rhonda Harris - (785) 296 3425

Department of Transportation
Office of Minority Business Enterprise Program
(410) 865-1269

Department of Business and Technology
State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance
Nedra White
Reggie Nunnally - (617) 502 8852

Department of Administration Materials Management Division
Targeted Group/Economically Disadvantaged Small Business Program
Sheila A. Scott - (651) 201 2428

Mississippi Development Authority
Minority and Small Business Development Division
Bob Covington - (601) 359 3448

Office of Administration
Office of Supplier and Workforce Diversity
Celeste Metcalf - (573) 751 8130

New York
Empire State Development
Division of Minority and Women-owned Business Development
Lourdes Zapata - (212) 803 2412

North Carolina
Department of Administration
Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses
Dennis M. English, Jr. - (919) 807 2330

Department of Administrative Services, Equal Opportunity Division
Minority Business Enterprise Unit
Todd McGonigle - (614) 466 8380

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business
Raleigh Lewis - (503) 986 0063

Department of General Services
The Bureau of Small Business Opportunities
Curtis Burwell - (717) 783 3119

Rhode Island
Department of Administration
Rhode Island Minority Business Enterprise Compliance Office
Charles Newton - (401) 574 8670

South Carolina
Governor’s Office of Small and Minority Business Assistance
Office of Small and Minority Business Assistance
Christine Glover - (803) 734 5010

Texas Building and Procurement Commission
Historically Underutilized Business Program
Rachel Snell - (512) 463 6958

Department of Minority Business Enterprise
Ida O. McPherson - (804) 786 6585

Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise
Lisa van der Lugt - (360) 664 9750

West Virginia
West Virginia Development Office
Small Business Development Center
Kristina Oliver - (304) 558 2960

Wisconsin Supplier Diversity Program
(608) 267-9550

Department of Administration
Minority Business Enterprise Certification (MBE)

Email: [email protected]
(608) 267-9550