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Supply Chain Publication

MBDA provides a repository of publications for public research and review.

Categories include:  Demographic Trends | Entrepreneurial InnovationsExport  | Finance | Industry Trends | Strategic Alliances | Supply Chain | U.S. Economy | Technology

Minority Business Enterprises: Mastering the Supply Chain - Tuck School of Business
Year 2006

Minority Business Enterprises: Mastering the Supply Chain explains how MBEs can become nationally and globally competitive by learning about and mastering supply chain strategies. It outlines three levels of supply-chain mastery: (1) Managing the fundamentals of the supply chain, which includes knowing the different kinds of supply chains, the associated problems, and cutting-edge solutions; (2) Addressing concerns businesses may have about supply chains; and (3) Transcending today’s supply chain, by migrating away from businesses characterized by shrinking value toward new businesses and markets that offer high growth potential.

Download Report PDF 447KB