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  1. Contracts

MBDA Contracts Publications

MBDA Contracts Publications
MBDA Contracts Publications
June 2022

The report focuses on the probability of certain classifiable businesses’ attainment of federal contracts using more recent Federal contracting data. MBDA’s analysis finds that on an industry-by-industry basis, in nearly all cases, the odds of non-8(a) minority-owned small disadvantage businesses winning contracts, all else equal (size, age, legal organization, level of government clearance), were lower than the odds of other small firms winning contracts. The findings provide compelling evidence to support minority business enterprises in Federal contracting.

MBDA Research  Contracts
December 2016
Published by: Minority Business Development Agency

The report provides expanded information regarding disparities in state and local government contracting between minority-owned and nonminority-owned business enterprises, provides an in-depth review and analysis of disparity studies, summaries, and reports.

MBDA Research  Contracts
MBDA Contracts Publications