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State of New York 2016 MWBE Disparity Study Policy Review Final Report Volume II

May 2017

Published by Mason Tillman Associates, Ltd.

Volume II of the State of New York's Policy Review Report provided race and gender-neutral recommendations to mitigate the disparities in MWBE participation on state contracts. The study recommended enhancements to the MWBE Program Components of by streamlining the MWBE certification process, (1) modifying the certification application for new businesses, (2) reviewing the certification application for completeness within 30 days, (3) authorizing and training the entrepreneurial assistance program to certify certification applications as complete, (4) providing pre-application training sessions, (5) establishing a hotline number and website to receive public reports of certification fraud, (6) establishing penalties for submission of fraudulent applications, (7) developing a “train the trainer” program, and (8) revamping the recertification application requirements and required documents.