Staring out at the Sandia Mountain range in the Albuquerque foothills, David Wiegand couldn’t help but appreciate the unlikely path that brought him to the precipice of the most important decision of his life. Here was Wiegand, who was born on an Army base in Louisiana and grew up mostly in Saudi Arabia, deciding to embrace a city that wasn’t his hometown and a Native American culture that was an...


Finding and harvesting sea cucumbers takes some effort. These bottom-feeding creatures – affectionately dubbed the “janitors of the ocean” by Popular Science – aren’t the prettiest fish in the sea. But they are increasingly among the most coveted, and well worth the sea-scraping exploration. The founders of Mellish Island, a San Dimas, California-based processor of sea cucumbers, recognized the...


Leasa – winner of the 2007 Supplier of the Year Award from the Florida Regional Minority Business Council – remains a business vital to its community, especially as it grows beyond Miami and the Southeast. Through her work at the MBDA Export Center, Gill is focused now on helping to increase Leasa’s exports to other markets. Leasa is the largest manufacturer of tofu in the region and is primed to...


If you’ve been to a supermarket or a pharmacy recently, there’s an exceedingly high chance that you’ve come across Vista Color’s handiwork. The Miami-based packaging company got its start in the pre-press printing business, specializing in high-quality magazines, catalogues, and coffee table books.


Minority-owned Company Leads Successful Renovation of Vista Restaurant CARBRA Construction and Design, Inc., a minority- and woman-owned general contracting company, recently completed the successful renovation of a new establishment in Columbia’s bustling downtown entertainment district, the Vista. In addition to CARBRA, three other minority-owned businesses provided services for the project,...


In October 2015, several days of torrential rains caused major flooding in metropolitan Columbia, South Carolina. The region’s sewer and water-control infrastructure was over-whelmed.  Dozens of dams ruptured or were over-run, sending massive amounts of water coursing into residential and commercial districts, threatening lives and businesses.


Minority businesses are playing an integral part in keeping the ‘Made in America’ product strong as the U.S. manufacturing sector continues to rise.  Minority-owned manufacturing firms employ 342,000 workers and have recently grown faster than their non-minority counterparts in three areas—number of firms, employees and gross receipts.