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Q&A with Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu

Success Stories
Catalyte, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, leverages AI to identify, train and develop software engineering talent from unexpected places – by creating local, cost-effective, predictable, diverse and sustainable technology workforces to help companies meet their technology objectives today and into the future. CEO Jacob Hsu’s time leading Catalyte is dedicated to making this a reality and...

Spotlight on Felila Thompson-Moreno and Warrior Legacy

Success Stories
Felila Thompson-Moreno is the owner of Warrior Legacy. Founded in 2016, Warrior Legacy is a small business that has seen a few changes throughout its existence. A member of the NABEDC Community since its inception, Warrior Legacy has morphed from Printshop to Community Advocate and Support Organization, shifting in focus from serving customers to serving the community and families in need. In 2013...

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Success Story: Hing Fung Trading Company

Success Stories
In business for over 17 years, Hing Fung Trading Company is a established dry seafood and Chinese herbal store located in the Chinatown area of San Francisco. However, as with many other businesses, Hing Fung Trading Company was adversely affected by the pandemic. Check out this video story and see how with the help of the MBDA CARES Act Center, Hing Fung Trading Company positioned to emerge from...

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Success Story: Calway Foods

Success Stories
Mr. Jack Huang is currently the President and CEO of Calway Foods, Inc. and a client of the Sacramento Minority Business Development Agency Export Center. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Calway Foods has provided safe and high-quality nut products including pecans, walnuts, pistachio, almonds and other agricultural products to Hong Kong and China since 2008. Check out this video and...


Success Stories
For MEDwheels’ Jane Gonzalez, the heartbeat of success is a passion for saving lives. Source: MED Wheels At a Houston high school football field, a father sat on the bleachers, cheering on his son. Suddenly, the man collapsed of a sudden cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the school athletic department was equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED) purchased from MEDwheels a San Antonio...

Success Story: Wells Technology

Success Stories
With a $1,300 investment, Andy Wells started Wells Technology as a small consulting business skilled at solving design, production, and distribution problems. Through continual growth in capabilities and a foundation in innovation, Wells Technology has grown to provide a wide range of precision machined products along with the sales of industrial and construction supplies as an authorized...