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Who We Are

Our Vision

Economic prosperity for all American business enterprises.

Our Mission

The U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is the only federal agency solely dedicated to the growth and global competitiveness of minority business enterprises.

Our Passion

Winning The Future, Now!

MBDA programs, services, and initiatives focus on helping MBEs grow today, while preparing them to meet the industry needs of tomorrow.

Our Programs

MBDA invests in a national network of MBDA Business Centers, Specialty Centers, and Grantees.  Our programs offer customized business development and industry-focused services to provide greater access to capital, contracts and markets.

MBDA Pilot Projects:

  • Entrepreneurship in American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Communities (AIANNH)
  • Entrepreneurship Education for Former Incarcerated Persons
  • Inner-City Innovation
  • Enterprising Women of Color
  • MBE Equity Multiplier Project
  • Entrepreneurship at Minority Colleges and Universities

Who We Serve

Our clients are U.S. minority business enterprises (MBEs) as defined in the MBD Act. Minority business enterprises are businesses owned and operated by socially or economically disadvantaged individuals.

MBEs are fast-growing, innovative, and represented in every industry sector in the United States. MBEs directly contribute to the U.S. economy and account for the creation of millions of U.S. jobs.

Who we are

MBDA Performance: Our Impact

MBEs are fast-growing, innovative, and represented in every industry sector in the United States. MBDA promotes the growth of minority-owned businesses through the mobilization and advancement of public and private sector programs, policy, and research.

MBDA Performance Summaries

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