Dr. Manuel Figueroa founded Virtual Educational Resources Network (VERNET), Inc., in Caguas, Puerto Rico in 1999. His company uses scientific research to develop and distribute educational computer programs to elementary, middle and high school students. VERNET also provides Supplementary Educational Services and professional development programs.


Donald Hearon started Hearon Records in Las Vegas in 1977. The company’s size and scope has grown with every ensuing year, and is now one of the largest Internet media outlets in the country. In order to reflect the multi-media mix of services his company provides, Donald Hearon changed the company’s name to Hearon Media, Inc.


The MBDA Business Center in Washington, DC has been a partner with Helix Enterprises since its inception in 2006. Barrington Jackson started Helix as a general contracting services company, and during the first five years the Washington MBDA assisted Helix in obtaining more than $200 million in financing and over $100 million in contract awards.


Owner Tracy K. Poepoe is determined to make Trace Industries, Inc. a major construction-related service provider for the Federal Government. He came to the MBDA Business Center in Honolulu for general business advice and assistance in developing marketing and procurement strategies.


Dwight Jones’ love of flight and entrepreneurial spirit is what drove him to start his own business, Albuquerque-based Mountain Air Helicopters, in 2003. Like most minority-owned businesses, start-up was difficult due to repeated denials for business loans. Determined to pursue his dream Mr. Jones started with a leased helicopter. That was ten years ago.


LJ Ross and Associates is a credit reporting and collection services company that was founded by Alphonso Ross in 1992. The company came to the MBDA Business Center in Chicago looking for strategic business planning and assistance in gaining access to new contracts.