At the age of 21, Elliott Davis set out to launch a successful business...mission accomplished!  Having learned the construction industry from his father, Mr. Davis founded DCD Construction in 1998 and within eight years of operation grew the business to $1 million in annual revenue. By 2012, DCD was landing contracts up to $3 million, respectable earnings by any standards, but nothing compared...


Ashford International is a Native American, woman-owned company that offers strategic sourcing solutions to state and federal agencies. Established in 2008, Ashford International initially only offered office products and medical equipment, but through joint ventures and teaming agreements, was able to add a multitude of products and services.


Sharlene Ramos-Chesnes has faced many challenges in her life. She is the youngest of six siblings and was born in the west-side of Cleveland, a place she said back then was known as “little Puerto Rico.” Her parents migrated to the U.S. in the early 1950’s from Yauco, Puerto Rico and was raised by her mother Elba, who became a single-mom when Ramos-Chesnes was two-years-old.


Exporting is good for American business, good for American workers and good for creating American jobs. MBDA continues to support the growth of minority-owned firms by providing and identifying export assistance and opportunities and working with federal partners such as the International Trade Administration’s U.S. Export Assistance Centers, the Export- Import Bank, and others. Read the success...


“Working with MBDA has been a phenomenal experience. Their experts seem to really have the pulse of the city and the state. They know about both the local and the federal jobs that are out there. And they have helped us get some really big contracts and expand our business. Their services resulted in a $14 million revenue stream which otherwise would not have been available to G & M...


Kevin Robinson’s hard work and determination got his full services janitorial company off the ground. However, growing the business to the next level would take some help, and Robinson contacted the MBDA Business Center in Indianapolis for direction.


Dr. Manuel Figueroa founded Virtual Educational Resources Network (VERNET), Inc., in Caguas, Puerto Rico in 1999. His company uses scientific research to develop and distribute educational computer programs to elementary, middle and high school students. VERNET also provides Supplementary Educational Services and professional development programs.


Donald Hearon started Hearon Records in Las Vegas in 1977. The company’s size and scope has grown with every ensuing year, and is now one of the largest Internet media outlets in the country. In order to reflect the multi-media mix of services his company provides, Donald Hearon changed the company’s name to Hearon Media, Inc.